[FFmpeg-trac] #3895(undetermined:new): Multiple issues around the new function of -max_error_rate

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#3895: Multiple issues around the new function of -max_error_rate
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Comment (by JayBlanc):

 Unfortunately, the sample media I have that shows this are all multi-gig
 sized and licensed, and for obvious reasons I can't just send slices of
 the parts that trigger it. Use a sample that has recoverable errors, and
 enough that it triggers -max_error_rate. Prior to the creation of
 -max_error_rate, the program would only return an error value on fatal

 However, this is not a regression. It was a deliberate design change, but
 one that seems to have unintentionally changed default behaviour in a bad
 way. Now default behaviour is to return an error value after a certain
 number of 'errors' has occurred, and it is difficult to identify what
 errors are being counted and to what threshold they are being measured.
 This breaks compatibility with pre-existing scripts and embedded use of
 the CLI tool.

 Again, the requested work-around change is to make the default behaviour
 match the previous behaviour, and default -max_error_rate to 1. Which
 would restore compatibility for scripts and embedded uses of the CLI which
 do not expect -max_error_rate generated return values, and would only
 produce such return values when requested to do so.

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