[FFmpeg-trac] #3816(undetermined:new): Native AAC encoder, problematic sample.

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Fri Aug 29 20:18:56 CEST 2014

#3816: Native AAC encoder, problematic sample.
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Comment (by YellowOnion):

 They do indeed sound a lot better, seems that patch is coming a long
 nicely, still seems to be some mild clipping sounds, but it actually
 sounds like the original sample for the most part.

 >Could you elaborate?

 I do conceed that this was a while ago, but MSYS downloads a bare-bones
 tool chain, Which is fine but, for any large project with a bunch of
 dependences, there was no way to acquire each dependence without first
 downloading it manually, and then compiling it and then finding its
 dependencies, most systems like Archlinux (includes "build files") or
 Debian have the -build packages, but because of Windows nature of not
 including a package manager or naturally using most of the libraries that
 the software links to, and the MSYS "package manager" having barely
 anything in it outside the core GNU tools, made it a nightmare.

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