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#3908: vf_hue copyright, do mplayer authors get copyright in the ported filter?
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 The hue filter in MPlayer is 200 lines of code. The port basically kept
 only the main processing function. The author of this code has been asked
 for relicensing.

 The Copyright in libavfilter does contain both original authors and it's
 fine, no other header in the codebase contains all the contributors in
 Copyright. If you think hue filter is violating a copyright, please be
 more specific.

 > some complaints have been made that we are not taking copyright
 seriously in ffmpeg. or that we have not attributed code 100%.

 j-b was trying to make a point yesterday on IRC and picked random examples
 more or less accurate, such as mentioning the vf_interlace thing from
 Libav commits.

 We might make mistakes at times about copyright and we course need to
 address them. But this ticket doesn't help here.

 Replying to [comment:2 cehoyos]:
 > The complaints are made by people who intentionally break copyright all
 the time (or in other words: who are thieves). Why don't you point to a
 missing copyright or - even better - send a patch?

 No, j-b is not from Libav (which I suppose you are talking about) but from
 Videolan who is providing the FFmpeg project some Git hosting. Also,
 please stop calling them "thieves", true or not this is not a professional
 behavior and there is no need to give them more reasons to hate us,
 especially when this is related to events from 3 years ago. We are
 currently trying (without success I admit) to create some kind of
 cooperation, and such remarks definitely won't help.

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