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#3908: vf_hue copyright, do mplayer authors get copyright in the ported filter?
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Comment (by saste):

 Replying to [ticket:3908 compn]:
 > if not, why not?
 > carl. clement, reimar, diego are not listed in the copyright in
 libavfilter. some of their code may not be in the port.
 > some complaints have been made that we are not taking copyright
 seriously in ffmpeg. or that we have not attributed code 100%.

 I'm one of the authors of the port. Jeremy Tran worked on the port as a
 SOCIS2102 student. The filter was basically rewritten from scratch, the
 only relevant part of code who was copied was  in the process_chrominance
 routine authored by Michael Niedermayer, who is referenced in the file
 header as copyright holder. The original license (GPLv.2) was kept for the
 Then the code was relicensed to LGPL with the consent of all the port
 contributors (see commit 771e2e59e2afeba6f195645678645b8c874e59a2).

 Keep in mind that when doing a port it is not possible to state with
 complete accuracy what is the authorship of the ported code. Also from my
 reading of the mplayer log I see no relevant contributions which went in
 the port but for the code in the mentioned processing routine. That said,
 IANAL but I tend to use common sense when evaluating such copyright
 issues, and I consider that the copyright attribution of the port is

 Thus I suggest to consider invalid this issue.

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