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#3748: How to Add Music To IPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5s Without Spending By ITunes
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 Add music to your iPhone without going through iTunes library
 Tired of having to go through the iTunes library to add music to your
 Have a song, podcast or other audio track you want to copy to your iPhone
 but, for whatever reason, do not want to add it to your iTunes library? Do
 not worry, there is a small, but little-known trick to it. With this trick
 we can directly transfer music or audio file to your iPhone. The end
 result will be that you will have this file stored on your iPhone without
 having to add it to iTunes. Interesting, is not it? [http://duplicates-
 gone.com/ remove duplicate songs in itunes]

 This is a good trick for when we want to add a song from a computer that
 is not ours, it can also be a form of control of our music library and
 ultimately a way to copy music to your iPhone without having to import it
 into iTunes.Let's do this! How to transfer music to iPhone directly
 without iTunes import
 Download music to iOS is just a matter of drag and drop in the right
 place, but the first thing you have to do is activate the manual handling:
 Connect iPhone to your computer, launch iTunes and go to the Summary tab
 of the device.
 Under Options, select the "manage music and videos manually".

 Then, go to the Finder (or file browser) and locate the audio file you
 want to copy to your iPhone directly.
 Drag and drop the file from the file browser to iOS device in iTunes, not
 in your iTunes library as we would normally.

 By doing so we can look at the status bar of your iPhone and see the logo
 synchronization. When finished, check your iPhone and you'll have within
 the song or audio files you want to transfer. The files are transferred in
 the music application.
 With this method you can copy both songs, as any audio, such as podcasts,
 via WiFi or USB. To facilitate copied directly to the iPhone, it's best to
 activate the iTunes sidebar. It can be done from the View menu -> Show
 sidebar, otherwise it is very easy to accidentally audio file is imported
 to the library instead of the iPhone, which is exactly what we try to
 avoid this trick.Copy music to iPhone without going through iTunes library
 is possible!
 What did you think of this mini-book?Tell us in the comments!
 In iPadizate | iPhone Manuals

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