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#3634: How Can Lose Your Weight
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 I have frozen well have liquefied oxygen and frozen carbon dioxide I'm
 going to take it that you'll save them site just take a while for the
 balloon to go live it clear at the top the nitrogen in here Aires seventy-
 nine percent nitrogen the nitrogen is in the top for the balloon but now
 look at that link with them he say that that's the oxygen from my breast
  I hadn't used but once it's all gone they'll be somewhat how to left
 brought the white powder is breakfast that's the carbon dioxide the carbon
 atoms I in the last 24 hours and want to blow on them they get warm enough
 to 10 back into gas and I vanish and people think there’s nothing in the
 blown the balloon has mass does Adams havemassey can see happen doctor has
 mass .
 when he slid aright but when you pray that you don't see it and moving
 confusing people by talking about killing Jews all calories and they've
 really important but peopled not seem to understand that when you lose
 weight you lose it atoms you can't just turn atoms into nothing effects on
 stage is that they are you need to change the way teach chemistry because
 those people and many in this rain think the content atoms into energy
 well it's one of the founding principles of modern chemistry cannot turn
 and ass and into pure energy for the conservation of mass before reaction
 after reaction we teach kids you have the same number .
 I've Adams school stoichiometry well we have been taking it very well
 atall because people think you can't end fast which is kilograms into
 nothing or just kilojoules can't do it so he was my big fat question I'm a
 physicist on you that beat my question was if I've got 10 kilograms the
 stuff then how much carbon dioxide is that become and how much water and
 tens at that that's really simple to this is yet 10 chemistry yet en masse
 in aid the periodic table of elements you have to look up hydrogen carbon
 and oxygen did I now the periodic table has some important information on
 the white have a single atom %uh these elements so the white single atom
 cabin is 12.00 one as a 011 atomic mass units doesn't matter what Aim in
 kilograms just yet I'll show you want to meet we've got fifty five dozen I
 average fat molecules so they see some sleep on 59 okay great what about
 the hydrogen I coatis 104 used so .
 I we have in one molecule a fat95 1996 atomic mass units the oxygen is a
 little trickier this stumped me for quite some time effect ran around and
 I couldn't get very clear answer on this is it doesn't seem that many by
 Kansas thought about this why this time because this silly or whatever
 these haven’t thought about in this white which really surprised me
 because this bit of information is the most motivating give information I
 had in my personal journey losing 17 kilograms six months it's all gone ha
 rated at amazing UK anyone can do this is not hot amps I how much carbon
 dioxide and water well the oxygens important six atoms another in a
 molecule but what are theygonna become a going to go as carbon dioxide are
 they going to go as water the gun some ratio of the two how do you figure
 this out took me I jus and then the answer turned up in a very old paper
 I'm from the 1940s what.
  I can. at water labeled the oxygen atoms by them put some an awesome type
 of oxygen on to the house and to oxygenate a at gave it to march the mice
 had he done the bellybutton time at in their breath so watt a had the
 oxygen in it than that oxygen tent up in the exhaled breath which showed
 that oxygen atoms are exchanged between Cava dockside molecules and
 Walmartuses a really good reason for that his amps and fennel valise in
 water and spit how to pronounce going to beat making his of left its it.

  but look if you can hear up changes color Grieg whoop-de-doo wasshowin
 shows the carbon dioxide dissolves in water forms carbonic acid there's an
 exchange love oxygen atom site  .


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