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Sun May 18 04:32:11 CEST 2014

#3651: Lagarith and UT Video Codec has Bad Performance
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 Summary of the bug:
 Not really sure if i am supposed to write these things here, as it's not
 really a bug, but here goes.

 LAV Filter use ffmpeg for Decoding, and hence i direct this here.

 The performance in decoding Lagarith and UT Video Codec are extremely bad,
 most of the time it's over 100% slower.

 Originally i thought it was faster, either i have been mistaken or
 something has happened.

 However, worth noting, Lagarith is limited to 2 threads in it's original
 decoder, however comparing the performance make this insignificant as
 ffmpeg will use more and still not be at the same pace.

 How to reproduce:

 Pretty sure you can just use:

 ffmpeg -i "lagarith.avi" -o "Raw.avi"

 so just decode a lagarith file to raw, and you will see the performance,
 than compare it to using the original decoder.

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