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#3651: UT Video Codec is inefficient compared to libutvideo
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Comment (by Zerowalker):

 Actually at comment:5, you say the opposite from what i mean.
 I am saying, doesn't the Native decoder use less threads and is much
 faster, compared to ffmpeg?

 Actually heard, or read about this, ppl pointed out the issues that it may
 not always be correct when decoding, but i could never get a real answer
 from it, so it ended up being ("a bug that probably has been solved").

 But now that you confirm it, this makes things a bit, scary even as i use
 Lagarith a bit.

 I knew Floating Point was superfast but lacking in precision in cases (not
 a programmer here;P), but i didn't know the difference in speed could be
 this big.

 But just to confirm this now, my CPU is an i5 760, Intel with x64.
 Is this a non-x86 or not (I know it's x64, but i also think it's in the
 x86 system, so if you could please clarify).

 Cause if i use the Native decoder, will i always get the expected results
 if i have this CPU, and it's only occuring on other builds, and other
 systems (i am guessing, ARM etc?).

 If so, that is "okay" for me, but indeed not alright for a lossless codec,
 but it's hard to give up on the Codec, in some cases it yields
 unparalleled results (Pixelated Game Capture), but it's pretty much only

 Sorry for many extra questions, but you certainly bring it up in a good
 way, hope i am not wasting to much of your time!

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