[FFmpeg-trac] #3682(undetermined:closed): The picture freezes but the audio continues when using ffplay on a video coming from a Samsung S3

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Fri May 30 17:41:18 CEST 2014

#3682: The picture freezes but the audio continues when using ffplay on a video
coming from a Samsung S3
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Comment (by gouessej):

 Replying to [comment:18 cehoyos]:
 > Now please test if this is all just pulse-related by switching to alsa.
 If this doesn't help you will have to reduce the output resolution when
 > In any case (I would expect that this is just a pulse issue since >500%
 CPU usage may be too much even for your Sempron), this is not a bug in
 FFmpeg and this is a bug tracker, not a support forum, sorry.

 When I bought my phone last year, I could play the videos almost
 flawlessly, just with a few glitches. It began freezing in February 2014.
 That's why I didn't imagine that it was just a performance problem and I
 suspected that something was broken in ffmpeg. Before filing this bug
 report, I remuxed some videos with the same container and with another one
 as it was a known workaround for Samsung Galaxy phones but it didn't help.
 The only way to work around this "limitation" consists in using mpeg1video
 as a container as a first step before converting it into another format.
 Moreover, even the videos I made before February were affected, that's why
 I suspected that it didn't come from an Android update. I have never
 thought that this place is a support forum, I asked for help on the IRC
 channel first, the workaround is far from being obvious and I'm not sure
 it will help me to put my videos onto Mediagoblin anew. As I use ffmpeg to
 convert my videos into WebM before uploading them, I suspected that the
 problem came from it. Sorry for the annoyance.

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