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#4112: http://ffmpeg.org ugly on phones
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 == Summary of the bug ==

 When viewing the website from a low-width device like iPhones in portrait
 mode, it is ugly.

 I don't think this is a regression since the new website.

 == How to reproduce ==

 If you have a small screen phone (like an iPhone):
 View [https://ffmpeg.org] and [https://ffmpeg.org/download.html] on an
 iPhone or iPod touch in portrait mode.

 If you don't have an iPhone:
 Fire up Google Chrome [https://developer.chrome.com/devtools/docs/device-
 mode device mode] and choose Apple iPhone or something like that.

 If you are too lazy:
 Look at the attachments.

 == Points of improvement ==

 === Index page ===

 1. The padding above and around "A complete ..." should be reduced.
 2. The whitespace control for the sample command should be adjusted to
 wrap at the spaces.
 3. The margins around the sample command should be adjusted.

 === Download page ===

 1. The buttons for the three platforms should be fixed. It is currently
 broken for screen width <= 520 px.
 2. There should be a white space between the donating sentence and the
 title (I'm working on this).
 3. If possible, the padding for the download button can be selectively
 increased on xs devices.
 4. If possible, the height of some wells should be retracted to normal on
 small-screen devices

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