[FFmpeg-trac] #4119(undetermined:closed): glitchy reading of lagarith 1.3.27 streams

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Tue Nov 18 23:25:26 CET 2014

#4119: glitchy reading of lagarith 1.3.27 streams
             Reporter:  cracki       |                    Owner:
                 Type:  defect       |                   Status:  closed
             Priority:  normal       |                Component:
              Version:  git-master   |  undetermined
             Keywords:  lagarith     |               Resolution:  duplicate
  fps                                |               Blocked By:
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Changes (by cehoyos):

 * keywords:  lagarith => lagarith fps
 * status:  new => closed
 * version:  unspecified => git-master
 * resolution:   => duplicate


 Your input video has three frames, all three are decoded correctly, you
 can test for example with:
 $ ffmpeg -vsync 0 -i lagarith-1.3.27-black-frames-and-off-by-ones.avi​
 FFmpeg does not work very well for first / last frames of vfr video, this
 is covered by several other tickets, among them #1578, (more similar to
 this problem) #2674 and #3052. You can basically choose if you want to
 have a "short" first frame with {{{-r 25}}} or a "short" last frame with
 {{{-vf fps=25}}}.
 A patch for fps exists:
 It probably fixes your issue but was not accepted yet.

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