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#4002: reconciliate & merge with libav
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Comment (by compn):

 to respond to your ideas, i like most of them. sure its easy to merge all
 of the bug trackers and forums and irc and mailing lists. its easy for all
 of us just to jump to a new git tree, mailing list, irc, etc. i'm not sure
 if changing the name is a thing we could agree on, but if the name alone
 is causing some problem, changing wouldnt be that big of a deal.

 but... those are technical solutions.

 libav team has made it crystal clear, multiple times, including 2 weeks
 ago at VDD14 multimedia conference, that the problem of the fork is a
 social issue and cannot be solved via technical means. libav team says
 they need to meet face to face with michael niedermayer to solve said
 social issues (see for example this mail at debian devel before vdd14 ,
 https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2014/09/msg00072.html ).

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