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Sat Oct 4 03:31:46 CEST 2014

#4002: reconciliate & merge with libav
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Comment (by compn):

 yes, its a common opinion around here i think.
 we just want to work on the code. and get paid for it.
 why make us do things ? why make us organize ? why make us change our
 names and mailing lists and irc?

 noone can make people kiss and make up. you dont like it? write your
 project around a wrapper like gstreamer instead of ffmpeg/libav directly.
 or just pick one and ignore the other.

 theres actually a lot of ffmpeg forks, its not like libav is the first.
 ffmbc has been around for longer. why isnt ffmbc part of this discussion?

 why not ask libreoffice and openoffice.org to rejoin? :)
 or maybe debian and redhat? or debian and ubuntu?

 because they are different people with different goals and different

 (i dont speak for anyone but myself btw)

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