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#2591: Feature Request:  Add ability to use Quick Sync to transcode video files
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Comment (by Mjb2000):

 Apologies for posting a question here, but you guys seem pretty smart so
 you'll probably know the answer straight away.

 I'm trying to compile a version of ffmpeg with quicksync support for use
 in a Windows environment. I've used the pre-compiled binary from the
 drocon11 fork, but unfortunately I need a few other libraries included in
 the binary (so this is why I figured I need to build this myself?).

 I'm just a little confused with the exact environment and tools I should
 be building with. I've tried to follow the various instructions within
 some of the dependencies but for instance I couldn't even work out if I
 should be doing this in a "msys" on Windows, or within Linux.

 If somebody could outline with a bit more detail how I should go about
 building the drocon11/ffmpeg-qsv project I'd  really appreciate it.
 Particularly if you could mention the OS, tools and any installation
 guidelines I should follow that would be great.

 If it helps, the background to this is that I have a low power j1900 cpu
 running media browser 3 as a media server, but the cpu struggles why real-
 time transcoding, however the j1900 supports quicksync and I can get some
 pretty good performance using quicksync. Unfortunately, the way in which
 media browser uses ffmpeg seems to require some additional libraries which
 are bit included in the drocon11 build.

 Thanks again, Matt

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