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#3859: mp4: start_time never zero
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Comment (by blacktrash):

 Replying to [comment:15 cehoyos]:
 > Do I understand correctly that the issue is not reproducible with the
 native aac encoder?

 No, as I've shown in https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/3859#comment:13 the
 problem is present with all aac encoders. It just varies how pronounced it
 is. According to Martin it has to be that way: http://sourceforge.net/p

 From a practical POV the results are almost random, see:
 http://sourceforge.net/p/opencore-amr/mailman/message/32912560/ resulting
 in over 2 seconds extra duration ...

 So I guess I have to butcher around with atrim in practice to get sort of
 well behaved HLS streams. Trying to get clarity that I am able to
 understand is a bit like being sent from Pontius to Pilates and back ;-)

 iTunes gives best result regarding start_time and duration:
 http://sourceforge.net/p/opencore-amr/mailman/message/32913564/ (start
 time 0, duration + ~0.1) but maybe this will result in more actual async,
 I don't know.

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