[FFmpeg-trac] #4058(undetermined:new): Memory leak with recording from IP-cameras in separate threads

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#4058: Memory leak with recording from IP-cameras in separate threads
             Reporter:  xaruch       |                     Type:  defect
               Status:  new          |                 Priority:  normal
            Component:               |                  Version:  2.4.2
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 Hello all!
 I've got a program that recording video from IP-cameras. Because to
 cameras quantity is quite many I using pthreads. Also video from cameras
 splitting to fragments with some length (for ex., 300 seconds).

 But I have got a big problem: memory definitely leaks after each time

 For debug purposes I create simplified prototype project. Full code for it
 can be found this GIT repository: https://github.com/xaruch/ffmpeg_tests

 Memory increasing diagram:
 Vertical axis is VmRss for test program pid with 1 seconds step.
 Horizontal axis is time.

 The main cycle:
         if (PWriter->TimerCounter >= REC_TIMEOUT)
                 uint64_t mem = PWriter->GetMemoryConsumption();
                 sprintf(str, "DEBUG: Timeout callback. Memory: %lld.
 Delta: %lld\n", mem, mem - Memory);
                 AppendLog(str, "MAIN");
                 Memory = mem;
                 PWriter->TimerCounter = 0;

 Start recording called from this function:
 int FfPipeline::ThInitiateRecording()
   const char *class_name = "FfPipeline::ThInitiateRecording";
   pthread_t ptid;

   sprintf(str, "DEBUG: Pipeline slot '%d'. Try to starting thread with
 stopping...\n", Slot);
   AppendLog(str, class_name);

   pthread_create(&ptid, NULL, &ThRecording, (void *) this);


   sprintf(str, "DEBUG: Pipeline slot '%d'. Starting thread ended!\n",
   AppendLog(str, class_name);

   return 0;

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