[FFmpeg-trac] #4062(ffmpeg:new): sub2video overlay fails with negative starting timestamp and -copyts

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Wed Oct 29 08:59:13 CET 2014

#4062: sub2video overlay fails with negative starting timestamp and -copyts
             Reporter:  mikaraento  |                     Type:  defect
               Status:  new         |                 Priority:  normal
            Component:  ffmpeg      |                  Version:  git-master
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 Summary of the bug: If the input starts on a negative time and -copyts is
 given, sub2video causes 'Buffer queue overflow, dropping' messages and
 broken output.

 Although this seems like a minor problem, the problem is easily triggered
 by broadcast input that has non-monotonic timestamps (will try to find a
 simple testcase for that and file a separate ticket).

 I need -copyts to later sync video and audio if there is missing video or

 How to reproduce:
 $ ffmpeg -y -i negative_pts_sub.ts -copyts -filter_complex
 '[0:0][0:3]overlay[outv0]' -map 0:1 -map '[outv0]' broken.ts
 ffmpeg version N-67065-g2fa08fd Copyright (c) 2000-2014 the FFmpeg
   built on Oct 23 2014 08:58:30 with Apple LLVM version 6.0
 (clang-600.0.51) (based on LLVM 3.5svn)

 The following works:
 $ ffmpeg -y -itsoffset 46.944644 -i negative_pts_sub.ts -copyts
 -filter_complex '[0:0][0:3]overlay[outv0]' -map 0:1 -map '[outv0]'

 Patches should be submitted to the ffmpeg-devel mailing list and not this
 bug tracker.

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