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#4762: Temporal Layering in HEVC Encoding
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 Hello All,

 x265 command line supports temporal layering over command line interface:

 Enable a temporal sub layer. All referenced I/P/B frames are in the base
 layer and all unreferenced B frames are placed in a temporal enhancement
 layer. A decoder may chose to drop the enhancement layer and only decode
 and display the base layer slices.

 Temporal layering enables 50 or 60 fps encodded HEVC videos playable by 25
 or 30 fps decoders.

 Also, it looks NVENC also supports temporal layering.


 Page 14:
 NV_ENC_CAPS_NUM_MAX_TEMPORAL_LAYERS Indicates HW support for encoding
 Temporal layers.
 0 : Encoding Temporal layers not supported.
 1 : Encoding Temporal layers supported

 Maybe, a developer can add temporal layering option to enable/disable
 temporal layering ?

 Kind Regards,

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