[FFmpeg-trac] #4774(ffmpeg:new): Incompatibilities between XBMC/Kodi & mkvalidator relating to how FFmpeg muxes MKVs

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#4774: Incompatibilities between XBMC/Kodi & mkvalidator relating to how FFmpeg
muxes MKVs
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Comment (by Drag0nFly):

 @heleppkes –I agree on both points. There are however several of my files
 which do not conform to this spec (existing or not) after being processed
 with FFmpeg, which was what I was referring to. But yes, the sample I
 provided with the cues issue did not have any errors generated from
 mkvalidator, only warnings.
 I've processed pretty much all my material with FFmpeg (at this point over
 100), which is why this becomes somewhat of a headache.

 As I have mentioned before, a bug report was also created for this with
 the Kodi devs (almost three months ago). I did numerous bisects of their
 code, going back one year, which eventually indicated a change in their
 FFmpeg codebase. This is obviously not indicative of the issue lying
 there, but it was the only thing I had to go on in the absence of other
 input for the bug report.


 Yes, it becomes an issue of what is more pragmatic, should the symptom be
 corrected (which yes, the Kodi devs also should address), or the
 underlying issue (which would need to be identified)? Since I discovered
 further discrepancies between what the result was for other MKV-generating
 software and ffmpeg after the bug reports were created it appeared prudent
 to log this with you guys as well.

 Obviously, mkvalidator is not bug-free but it is the only tool that I know
 of to check the integrity of such files. I know it was unmaintained for a
 long while, but the recent 0.5.0 version should be more up to date.

 If there is other output that can be of interest that I can provide, do
 let me know. I'm obviously willing to test any patches for this as well,
 providing there is an idea of what triggers this behaviour.

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