[FFmpeg-trac] #4774(avformat:new): Incompatibilities between XBMC/Kodi & mkvalidator relating to how FFmpeg muxes MKVs

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Wed Aug 26 16:00:35 CEST 2015

#4774: Incompatibilities between XBMC/Kodi & mkvalidator relating to how FFmpeg
muxes MKVs
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Comment (by Drag0nFly):

 Yes, as mentioned before I first reported the bug to the Kodi developers,
 even though FFmpeg is the only piece of software which generates this
 issue and is reported not just by this media player but also MakeMKV and
 mkvalidator. I also mentioned I did two lenghty bisects in an attempt to
 isolate the issue, which indicated a change in their ffmpeg tree.

 I am however getting mildy amused at the lack of willingness to solve what
 is, frankly, a mess with the mkv muxer in FFmpeg.

 Instead of me trying in vain to convince the devs of what seems to be
 considered unimportant issues ("not our bug" mentality) it might be a lot
 easier to actually process a file the same way as I indicated in the
 command output in the bug and observe the result: the mkvalidator errors
 (which aren't really important anyway, as there is no spec to conform
 to;), the errors from MakeMKV and the 'Kodi bug', which yes: they also
 should fix but haven't had time/priority to implement but it does not
 change the fact the FFmpeg's muxer is causing the behaviour in the first

 Nevertheless, I am done wasting my time and have adapted my scripts to use
 HandbrakeCLI instead. Result: spec-conformant MKVs, much better seeking,
 and no 'bugs' with Kodi (and probably several other players as yet

 Now if only I could undo the 1Tb of damage the FFmpeg-generated files in
 my library have caused.

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