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#4700: Past duration 0.999992 too large
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 I did a benchmark using the file provided, and nowhere do I notice a "3x"

 Here are the results using the time command:
 ffmpeg -i media-encoder-old.mpg -vcodec utvideo -an media-encoder-old.avi
 10.50s user 0.72s system 309% cpu 3.621 total

 ffmpeg -i media-encoder-old.mpg -vcodec utvideo -an media-encoder-old.avi
 10.53s user 0.70s system 329% cpu 3.406 total

 check with hex editor reveals that encoding has not changed, i.e output
 files are practically identical.
 Thus, there is no defect in the output produced.

 Note that this past duration thing is a warning,
 so if there is any slowdown, it could be due to the I/O for the warning,
 though I highly doubt that.
 This may be disabled easily with e.g -loglevel -quiet.

 Could you give more detailed benchmarks in order to substantiate your

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