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#4554: wrong seek with -ss
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 Unfortunately the heuristic fix actually breaks seeking for other files,
 i.e. it seeks too far back.

 For example with http://kimsufi.noirbee.net/pub/video.mp4 , when seeking
 and using stream copy with the following command:

 `ffmpeg -y -ss 2 -i video.mp4 -c copy video_seek_heuristic.mp4`

 Despite the fact that there is a keyframe 2 seconds / 50 frames into the
 video, ffmpeg will seek back to the very first one.

 Reverting the abovementioned commit, i.e. not using the heuristic
 introduced by Michael, correctly seeks to the keyframe at 2 seconds.

 Original video: http://kimsufi.noirbee.net/pub/video.mp4
 `ffprobe -select_streams v -show_packets video.mp4` :
 Output video when using the heuristic (git HEAD):
 Output video without the heuristic:

 Not sure how this could be fixed both for the OP's and my files,
 considering seeking uses DTS anyway in MOV/MP4 (well actually for
 everything else than nut if I trust `git grep AVFMT_SEEK_TO_PTS`).

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