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#4720: HLS w/ Transport Stream audio out of sync
             Reporter:  rasjani       |                     Type:  defect
               Status:  new           |                 Priority:  normal
            Component:  undetermined  |                  Version:  2.6.3
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 Summary of the bug: audio out of sync when playing ts file
 How to reproduce:

 $ ffplay http://pcuf.fi/~rasjani/koditest/yletv1_1080p.m3u8


 I've been developing kodi addon for for a service that streams ts files
 via hls and it seems that their streams can't be played without audio lang
 with Kodi.  I've spent yesterday communicationg and debugging the issue
 with following findings:

 * streams can be played with web players GrindPlayer, FlowPlayer without
 audio sync issues
 * streams can be played with VLC & QuickTime (osx 10.8.5) without audio
 sync issues.
 * Kodi isengard beta1 & beta2 and master nightly build has audio sync
 issue. Master build is using ffmpeg 2.6.3. Verified that same is happening
 on OSX and Linux.
 * Standalone ffplay has audio sync issue (tested only with ancient version
 of 2.3.2, on osx)

 I've provided a small clip of example data here so that you can reproduce
 the issue here: http://www.pcuf.fi/~rasjani/koditest/

 Folder contains few .ts files, playlists, my kodi.log and maybe some
 relevant chatter from #kodi which could point out where the issue actually

 I was asked to open this bug report against ffmpeg based on irc
 conversation and discussion on my original bug report here:

 This could be a content issue from transcoding the service does but then
 again, all other players i tried, did not have the issue of audio falling
 out of sync.

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