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#5718: ffmpeg not remapping channels for libopus automatically
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Comment (by mgraczyk):


 libopusenc can accept many channel layouts that are not possible to
 express using the channel_layouts bitfield system. There are channel
 layouts which are supported by libopus which are not expressible by the
 channel_layouts member.  I removed channel_layouts from the codec
 definition to prevent ffmpeg.c from halting with an error when one of
 these unexpressible layouts was passed in.

 Is there a way to specify at the command line "no channel layout", or
 "unknown layout"? With such a flag, I could add channel_layouts back to
 libopusenc and also add code to handle the "no layout" case. I believe
 last time I asked about this, it was problematic because the channel count
 is represented by the popcount of the layout bitfield, and the "no channel
 layout" layout could have any channel count.

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