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Sun Jul 24 14:31:03 EEST 2016

#5732: Display corruption on very high-bitrate H.264 files
             Reporter:  Sesse    |                     Type:  defect
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 I've discovered what I believe is a bug in the H.264 decoder of
 libavcodec. It concerns the following file, where the video is encoded
 using Intel Quick Sync Video (on a Haswell, via VA-API) at constant


 Unfortunately, the file is very big (~5.1GB), and attempts to cut it using
 ffmpeg(1) resulted in something VLC wouldn't play, so I've left it alone
 save for remuxing (it was originally in NUT) and audio reencoding.

 The corruption happens around 13:50, in the right-hand side of the
 picture. You can see it by decoding using ffmpeg(1):

 ffmpeg -ss 13:50 -i /srv/storage.sesse.net/through-the-cracks.mp4 -vframes
 50 out-%03d.png

 and then looking at out-*.png. The errors persist from out-001.png to
 out-019.png; they disappear at out-020.png (perhaps new keyframe?) and
 come back at out-045.png. It looks like some kind of overflow to me,
 probably due to the extreme bitrate chosen (around 170 Mbit/sec; this
 content is super-hard to encode!).

 The file plays perfectly in VLC if and only if I enable VA-API hardware
 acceleration, so that it's decoded in hardware instead of by libavcodec's
 H.264 decoder.

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