[FFmpeg-trac] #4344(undetermined:new): XSUBs are too low in PAL video, on PS3

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Sat Nov 5 19:53:40 EET 2016

#4344: XSUBs are too low in PAL video, on PS3
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Comment (by edumj):

 I've tested, and it seems that DivXMux does this:
 1-Crop every bitmap (like SubRip).
 2-Pad them to 640x480 (bottom center aligned).

 VLC captures with a yellow drawbox to see subtitles full size:

 DVD Subtitles extracted to IDX/SUB are 720x576:

 IDX/SUB Subtitles converted to XSUB with DivXMux are 640x480:

 You can see original upper subs go down with DivXMux because of the
 cropping an padding. They look not well bottom-centered in VLC, but ok in

 I don't know if ffmpeg can do this automatic cropping and padding to
 640x480, but at least it could scale them down to 720x480 or better

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