[FFmpeg-trac] #5941(undetermined:new): Dolby E corrupted when remuxed

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Sun Nov 20 15:57:53 EET 2016

#5941: Dolby E corrupted when remuxed
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Comment (by leoenc):

 I'm not sure about the float part, but I was told by the Dolby vendor that
 the waveformatextensible structure is not required for storing Dolby E as
 it is encoded in 2 channels, 24-bit and no channel mask data is needed.

 I've tested many Dolby E files which came from the same source as my
 sample. The files were properly identified and decoded in pro Dolby
 hardware. MediaInfo also identified them properly, so I think it's safe to
 assume that the sample that I've provided is the correct way to store
 Dolby E.

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