[FFmpeg-trac] #5900(undetermined:new): alsa/pulse grab cuts last 2 seconds of audio

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Mon Oct 24 15:22:51 EEST 2016

#5900: alsa/pulse grab cuts last 2 seconds of audio
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              Version:  unspecified  |  undetermined
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Comment (by cehoyos):

 Replying to [comment:4 tsg1zzn]:
 > I spent an hour recompiling ffmpeg, and it wouldn't even produce a
 working file.

 FFmpeg is supposed to compile out-of-the-box on several major and a few
 very uncommon operating systems. On x86, you have to download and install
 a recent binary of yasm or nasm but this should never take significant
 time. Downloading FFmpeg can take a few minutes, compilation can take a
 very long time on slow hardware but you don't have to watch it;-)
 What did you try / what failed now / command line and complete, uncut
 console output missing?

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