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#5846: Extract text subtitles in UTF-8 with BOM
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 Summary of the bug:

 I can add '''srt''' subs (UTF-8) to a '''MP4''' file (ttxt subs) with:
 -c:s mov_text
 but when I extract them from the same '''MP4''' file with:
 ffmpeg  -i input.mp4 -c:s text   output.srt
 apart from they have no break lines (opened in '''Notepad''') it seems Ok
 in '''Notepad++''', but it says it's UTF-8 but whithout '''BOM''', and if
 I try to convert them to '''IDX/SUB''' with '''Txt2VobSub''', all special
 characters (like accents) are wrong.

 Here http://www.trustfm.net/software/video/Txt2Vobsub.php?page=Features it
 says '''Txt2Vobsub''' does not support UTF8 without '''BOM''' (it does,
 but wrong), so I need no add that '''BOM''' manually with '''Nopetad++''',
 and then accents are back!

 According to this http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=152419
 '''-bom''' option existed before??

 I haven't tried yet, but if I extract subtitles from a '''MKV''' file, it
 also would be whitout '''BOM'''?

 How to reproduce:
 % ffmpeg -i input ... output
 ffmpeg version
 built on ...
 Patches should be submitted to the ffmpeg-devel mailing list and not this
 bug tracker.

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