[FFmpeg-trac] #4344(undetermined:new): XSUBs are too low in PAL video, on PS3

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#4344: XSUBs are too low in PAL video, on PS3
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Comment (by edumj):

 Well, the PS3 allows AVIs with higher resolutions, I've tried with
 1440x1080 and XSUBs, and the subs were very small... And any other
 resolutions (720x540, 700x400, 720x400, 640x... etc..)

 I also tried with 2 LG DVD Players, and 3 different televisions (CRT, LCD,
 and 4K LG Smart TV) so, the problem it's not the TV nor the Standalone
 Players. It's something about XSUBs resolution specification.

 Did you tested it in your TV? Mine are all PAL. Anyone can try if it
 happens also in NTSC Players?

 I can make PS3 captures if you want.

 Do you know how to extract bitmaps from .sub? Subrip doesn't seem to work
 with idx/sub...

 Also, I could author a NTSC DVD and a PAL DVD, and put 720x480 and 720x576
 subpictures, for testing size or offset changes...

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