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#5852: ProRes Color range tags not working
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 Hi guys,

 I've run in to some problems while trying to convert ProRes 4444XQ to any
 form ProRes 422.

 Summary of the bug:

 The ProRes 4444XQ files i get from Autodesk Flame contains bt709 color
 space, color transfer and color primaries tags.
 When i encode it to any ProRes 422 format those values are specified as
 unknown and N/A
 (Similar issue goes for sample aspect ratio and display aspect ratio in
 the video filter by the way
 But not my immediate concern)

 The issue is that our Source ProRes contains data levels.
 I want to get my ProRes 422 to display legal range as the encoded file is
 scaled to legal.
 But for some reason the ProRes 422 produced with ffmpeg seems to display
 as data levels.
 I've encoded the file using Adobe Media encoder as well and the waveforms
 of both ProRes 422's are identical but display different colors in
 Quicktime 7, 10 and Telestream Switch.

 (I know some people will say that i should not rely on Quicktime but the
 thing is most (if not all) of our clients are.)

 Plus the ProRes 422 encoded in Media Encoder displays the image just fine
 in all players mentioned above.
 I'm guessing this has to do with the color tags not coming thru.

 Perhaps i'm just looking in the wrong direction to fix this issue but if
 anyone has anything on the matter please let me know.

 I've attached the Source file, ffmpeg log and the ffprobe logs of both
 source and encoded ffmpeg and Media Encoder ProRes422 on the following


 How to reproduce:
 % ffmpeg -i input -y -c:v prores -profile:v 1 -pix_fmt yuv422p10le -vf
 scale=1920x1080,setsar=1/1,setdar=16/9 -colorspace bt709 -color_primaries
 bt709 -color_trc bt709 output
 ffmpeg version 3.1.3

 If there are any questions or if i left some specific details out, please
 let me know.

 Thanks in advance,

 Ruud Kaag
 Media Manager
 Ambassadors Studio

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