[FFmpeg-trac] #6609(ffmpeg:new): SamplingRateBox should be used if the value is greater than INT16_MAX

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Wed Aug 23 17:23:23 EEST 2017

#6609: SamplingRateBox should be used if the value is greater than INT16_MAX
             Reporter:  fbeaufort    |                    Owner:
                 Type:  defect       |                   Status:  new
             Priority:  normal       |                Component:  ffmpeg
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             Keywords:  flac,        |               Blocked By:
  isobmff, mp4                       |  Reproduced by developer:  0
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Changes (by jyavenard):

 * keywords:  mov => flac, isobmff, mp4
 * component:  avformat => ffmpeg


 As present, ffmpeg if MODE_MOV is set, and a sampling rate greater thant
 UINT16_MAX, can generate a .mov with SoundDescription that would be using
 a 64 bits float for sampling rate.

 For a mp4 (as defined in ISO 14496-12, it should be using a
 AudioSampleEntryV1 defined as follow:

 class AudioSampleEntryV1(codingname) extends SampleEntry (codingname){
    unsigned int(16) entry_version;  // must be 1,
                               //   and   must   be   in   an   stsd   with
 version   ==1
    const unsigned int(16)[3] reserved = 0;
    template unsigned int(16) channelcount;  // must be correct
    template unsigned int(16) samplesize = 16;
    unsigned int(16) pre_defined = 0;
    const unsigned int(16) reserved = 0 ;
    template unsigned int(32) samplerate = 1<<16;
    // optional boxes follow
    // we permit any number of DownMix or DRC boxes:
    DownMixInstructions()   [];
    DRCCoefficientsBasic()   [];
    DRCInstructionsBasic()   [];
    DRCCoefficientsUniDRC()   [];
    DRCInstructionsUniDRC()   [];
    Box ();     // further boxes as needed

 The samplerate would then be 65536 and there would be a SamplingRateBox
 aligned(8) class SamplingRateBox extends FullBox(‘srat’) {
    unsigned int(32) sampling_rate;

 FFmpeg when generating a mp4 and if the sampling rate is greater than
 65535, always write 0 as the sampling rate.

 It should instead use a AudioSampleEntryV1 and a SamplingRateBox (srat)

 For related bug, I've lodged gecko's bug 1393045
 (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1393045) and bug 1393039

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