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#6615: ffplay prompeg playback
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 I was trying to do a multicast RTP stream with prompeg.
 Here is the command:
 ffmpeg -re -i original30fps.mp4 \
 -vcodec libx264 \
 -profile:v main \
 -preset faster \
 -tune zerolatency \
 -b:v 3000k \
 -g 48 -refs 1 \
 -me_method epzs -me_range 16 \
 -intra-refresh 1 \
 -f rtp_mpegts -strict -2 \
 -fec prompeg=l=10:d=10 \

 I would like to play the stream with ffplay.
 Here is the command:
 ffplay -fec prompeg=l=10:d=10 rtp://

 it would generate the output "Option fec not found".

 The command without option prompeg or fec worked fine,
 but I doubt it only receive original RTP stream without the two fec
 ffplay rtp://

 How can I play the prompeg stream with ffplay?
 The documentation seems does not have the example command for ffplay.

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