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#6625: "Freezes" transcoding RTP g.711 stream to mp3
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Comment (by sagonzal):

 Truthfully, I’m not entirely certain. My command used to just be:

 ffmpeg -re -f mulaw -i rtp:// -acodec libmp3lame live-
 rtp-g711-toMP3.mp3 -report

 only it didn't work with live intercom audio (0 packets read/encoded,
 etc.), and with the Wireshark audio resulted in an mp3 that sounded very
 high-pitched and fast. After adding sample_rate and asetrate of 9000, the
 mp3 sounded "normal". I figured the same could be applied to the intercom

 I should note that when I spoke with the company that makes the intercoms,
 I was told that the g.711 audio stream would send as either '''7kHz''' or,
 more likely, as '''3.4kHz'''. I haven’t gotten those rates to work for me
 with either rtp or .raw input.

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