[FFmpeg-trac] #6906(documentation:open): Re-order options for testsrc family of filters in manual (was: Option order wrong for filter 'color')

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#6906: Re-order options for testsrc family of filters in manual
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Changes (by llogan):

 * keywords:   => testsrc
 * status:  new => open
 * component:  undetermined => documentation


 Don't rely on shorthand: it can be ambiguous or confusing and lead to
 mistakes, and there may be no guarantee that the order will always remain
 the same. Include the option names with your values:

 The manual entry is an unorganized combination for the color and other
 related testsrc based source filters, so trying to count the position of
 each supported option (and excluding the options specific to the other
 filters) is not recommended. If you must use shortcuts then refer to
 `ffmpeg -h filter=color` instead. As you can see from this output `sar` is
 currently option five.

 To address this the order in the manual can be changed to: level, c, s, r,
 d, sar, alpha, n. I did not check the order of other non-testsrc filters.
 To check them all is arguably a "wontfix" ticket out of pure laziness
 because reviewing each filter is going to be a boring, mindless job as
 there are at least 350 filters I estimate, and filter authors may not sync
 the option order in future filters. Patch welcome!

 Your output is one frame because you told it to make a frame rate of 1 and
 a duration of 1 second.

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