[FFmpeg-trac] #6915(avformat:open): DASH audio segments duration doesn't match exactly with video segments duration.

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#6915: DASH audio segments duration doesn't match exactly with video segments
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Comment (by beloko):

 My notes were for knowledge purposes about HLS playback with common and
 official video players. And used by Apple itself.

 For sure the #EXT-X-TARGETDURATION cannot be rounded or forced to a lower
 value just to satisfy and dupe the Apple mediastreamvalidator tool result.
 But the #EXTINF value could be rounded to the nearest integer value when
 the duration doesn't exceed few small milliseconds.

 #EXTINF:4.010667 could be rounded to #EXTINF:4.000000.
 Or #EXTINF:3.989333 could be rounded to #EXTINF:4.000000.

 Then the #EXT-X-TARGETDURATION can be set to 4 because the #EXTINF
 duration will never exceed 4.000000.

 The difference in milliseconds between the real segment duration and the
 #EXTINF value setted in the audio playlist doesn't seems to affect HLS
 playback. Probably because the shortest duration of the preceding segment
 is compensated by the following segment. Which has a duration longer than
 4 seconds. And so on until the #EXT-X-ENDLIST.

 Should be interesting to see what's the Apple segmenter can produce for
 HLS audio streams. Perhaps it fakes the real #EXTINF segment duration
 value in the M3U8 playlist. Because I'm not sure it's possible to  force
 the gop size or inject a keyframe to an audio stream.

 Rounding the #EXTINF value to the nearest integer value could be a
 additional parameter in the command line.

 Ex: -hls_max_segment_duration <int>   E.......... round segments duration
 in HLS playlist if they not exceed few milliseconds

 Then the -hls_max_segment_duration 2 parameter should be able to fix :

 #EXTINF:4.010667 into #EXTINF:4.000000.
 Because 0.010667 seconds is lower than 2 milliseconds

 And #EXTINF:3.989333 into #EXTINF:4.000000
 Because 4.000000 - 3.989333 = 0.010667 is lower than 2 milliseconds.

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