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#6931: FreeBSD compilation error
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Comment (by cehoyos):

 Not really but my suspicion is that you have one x265 library in /usr/lib
 and another one in /usr/local/lib. A possible solution would be to remove
 the `.so` symlink from /usr/lib (or the x265-dev/x265-devel package).
 Another explanation is that the header and the library in /usr/local do
 not match, the following can show the library version (assuming a shared
 library, try libx265.a instead of libx265.so if you installed a static
 $ nm /usr/local/lib/libx265.so|grep x265_api_get
 A third possible explanation is that you first installed a shared library
 into /usr/local and later a newer version as a static library.
 Please understand that this is a bug tracker, all usage questions should
 be discussed on the user mailing list.

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