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#6446: Regression problem with opus audio (old api)
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 I recently updated my ffmpeg to the latest revision and found that my
 viewer had problems decoding audio from a matroska (webm) video, which
 used the opus audio codec.  This is with the old audio api
 (avcodec_decode_audio4).  No other audio codecs seem to have a problem.
 The error I get is that of a return value of less than 0 and the got_frame
 variable is 0.  While decoding sometimes I get the following message:

 Got unexpected packet size after a partial decode

 I bisected the git log, and found that there are two commits where the
 problem appears.  The first commit does not compile.

 The commits are:

 061a0c14bb5767bca72e3a7227ca400de439ba09 (does not compile doing make
 distclean first)

 bddb2343b6e594e312dadb5d21b408702929ae04 (does compile and has the opus
 audio problem)

 ffplay plays fine the opus audio, but it is using the new api (not sure if
 that has something to do with it).  I tried switching to the new api, but
 I could not get it to work with any audio codec.  Therefore, I would
 prefer to stay with the old api.

 I am wondering what else can I try to find out why the opus codec fails
 decoding.  Any help is appreciated.

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