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#6445: Incorrect Video Levels in vf_colorspace
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Comment (by maweber):

 I hope I got this right?
 from the batch file:
 # Conclusion: ffmpeg version git-2017-06-09-9c6b982
 # vf_colorspace irange WILL override the input "-color_range",
 # vf_colorspace irange is not a factor.
 # vf_colorspace range will NOT override the output pix_fmt,
 # vf_colorspace range is a factor, will be multiplied by the pix_fmt
 levels of the encoder

 I'm not sure about the way to take it, as I tend to struggle with this
 kind of complexity.
 Somehow I expected the image beginning at vf to be normalized somehow. The
 file input params are very useful for GUIs and wrapping applications, so I
 guess the input params of colorspace are better not used when file input
 params are present. If using "lut3d" in the chain I guess it's recommended
 to prefix a vf_colorspace range to normalize it, and have consistent
 results... (?)

 That's as far as I can get for now, thanks anyways for a feedback.
 Have a good one,

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