[FFmpeg-trac] #6471(avformat:new): RTMPS stream does not work

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Mon Jun 19 13:47:36 EEST 2017

#6471: RTMPS stream does not work
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  rubensanchez                       |                 Priority:  important
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            Component:  avformat     |  master
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 Using FFmpeg v3.3.1 and trying to open a stream to an RTMPS URL (Facebook
 with SSL actually) results in a few RTMP packets written to the output
 stream but then libavformat tries to read something in return. The thing
 is Facebook does not returns anything resulting in a connection hanged
 after 5-6 packets.
 I solved this issue with this:

 rtmpproto.c:3220 from:

     ret = ffurl_read(rt->stream, &c, 1);


     //ret = ffurl_read(rt->stream, &c, 1);
     ret = AVERROR(EAGAIN));


 This modification will force to not read anything from the server so the
 connection does not hang. With this fix I can see the RTMPS stream on
 Facebook Live preview and does not affect other RTMP streams.

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