[FFmpeg-trac] #6761(undetermined:new): concat demuxer with data uri jpegs causes "overread 8"

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Fri Oct 20 18:04:04 EEST 2017

#6761: concat demuxer with data uri jpegs causes "overread 8"
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Comment (by elisnow):

 For the attached jpg files I simply pasted the data uris into Firefox's
 address bar then saved the image to disk. Ordinarily what I do (to
 workaround this bug) is programatically save the base64 image to file and
 reference the saved file in the concat script which I feed into ffmpeg's
 stdin. If I can inject the base64 image directly into the concat script,
 then I don't have to take the step of first saving all the images to disk
 and then deleting them all later.

 The source of the base64 images come from the Chrome !DevTools Protocol
 startScreencast | screen casting functionality]].

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