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#3657: float pixel format
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Comment (by mtc):

 i guess this means a component color space (RGB/XYZ based, not luminance
 chroma (YUV) )
 RGB16float (16*3 48-bit) or
 RGB32float (16*3 48-bit)

 also using linear transfer characteristics
 (not [sRGB-gamma
 or [HLG https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybrid_Log-Gamma] or Perceptual-
 Quantizer ...

 floating with support for negative-values
 to prevent data-loss (clamping-artifacts) from super-whites and outside of
 color-primaries'gamut colors
 what can occur from conversion from YUV(luminance-chroma) color spaces

 importing from exif2.0 sYCC (most modern camera jpegs) can clip overwhites
 esp blues

 also if then thus also support outputting into float-supporting formats
 e.g. OpenEXR for export into supporting rendering programs

 support for linearRGB heps make it easier to support linear-
 gamma(radiometric) image resizing

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