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#6703: ffmpeg rounds duration_ts and duration
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Comment (by isasi):

 The file produced by ffmpeg after encoding "test2.mp4" has different
 duration values in "mvhd", "elst" vs  in "mdhd" .

 This is because ffmpeg is using less-granular "movie timescale" (1000)
 than the one used for the stream (30000) . The mdhd duration of 187187 is
 actually correct because there are only 187 samples of 1001 duratino each
 in stts. However when the ffmpeg MOV muxer adds the mvhd, edts boxes it
 rounds the duration to 6240, because of the timescale 1000.

 Timescale       1000
 Duration        6240

 Timescale       30000
 Duration        187187
 => 187187/ 30000 ~ 6.239567s

 EntryCount      1
 Entry[0].SegmentDuration        6240
 Entry[0].MediaTime      2002

 When we have -advanced_editlist 1 (which is the default), the edit list
 parsing code will correctly set the stream duration based on edit list
 segment duration to 6.24s.

 When we have -advanced_editlist 0, then the duration is obtained from mdhd
 or summing up stts durations, so we have a duration of 6.239567

 What we can do here is to change ffmpeg MOV muxer to use a more granular

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