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#6950: image2 demuxer documentation deficiencies
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 The ticket is invalid since it claims to report more than one issue.
 I will try to explain shortly why the issues cannot be ''fixed'', feel
 free to continue the discussion on the user mailing list.

 Replying to [ticket:6950 jdlh]:
 > '''Problem 1. The documentation does not mention `image2` does not work
 with input  in `gif` format.'''

 It also doesn't mention that the image2 demuxer does not support apng

 > '''Problem 2. Documentation doesn't mention that input file pattern of
 `%d` usually implies `-f image2`.'''

 No other demuxer support `%d` but `%d` does not imply image2, file
 suffixes do. It is not part of the API which file suffixes imply the
 image2 demuxer, we try to update the list whenever we become aware of new
 use-cases (but we have removed file suffixes from the list in the past,
 for example `gif`).

 > '''Problem 3. Examples are missing an important class of usage.'''
 > Presently there are 3 examples. All omit the `-f image2` notation.

 But you did not provide a use-case where `-f image2` was needed: Such use
 cases of course exist but it will be difficult (or actually impossible) to
 add examples for every possible use-case.

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