[FFmpeg-trac] #6954(ffmpeg:new): videotoolbox fails to build with MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.7

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Wed Jan 10 15:27:05 EET 2018

#6954: videotoolbox fails to build with MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.7
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  videotoolbox mac osx               |  master
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 A lot of mac devs still target OS X 10.7 for their final builds, older
 versions of ffmpeg compile fine for this target, but with master I get:

 libavcodec/videotoolbox.c:596:14: error:
 'VTDecompressionSessionDecodeFrame' is only available on macOS 10.8 or
 newer [-Werror,-Wunguarded-availability]
     status = VTDecompressionSessionDecodeFrame(videotoolbox->session,
 note: 'VTDecompressionSessionDecodeFrame' has been explicitly marked
       partial here
 libavcodec/videotoolbox.c:596:14: note: enclose
 'VTDecompressionSessionDecodeFrame' in a __builtin_available check to
 silence this warning
     status = VTDecompressionSessionDecodeFrame(videotoolbox->session,

 With --disable-videotoolbox everything compiles fine however.

 I have no idea how many people care about videotoolbox support with a 10.7
 target, just reporting this.

 It may be good to check the target during the autodetection.

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