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#6959: Concat images only makes 3 frames with -filter_complex
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 Your command line still looks very convoluted, I also believe that in any
 case, you should only use one instance of `setpts`. The `pix_fmt` options
 are useless afaict, you know already that the input option `r` does not
 help for your usecase. I would expect that the `color` filter is unneded,
 pad defaults to black iirc.
 I just tested the following command line for three input images, the
 second one had a different resolution than first and third:
 $ ffmpeg -i image1 -i image2 -i image3 -filter_complex
 -r 25 out.mov
 `2*N` implies two seconds per frame.
 I hope this helps to simplify (and speed up) your command line, feel free
 to ask additional questions on the user mailing list.

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