[FFmpeg-trac] #6917(undetermined:new): Seeking in AVI file with mp3 audio throws errors during decoding.

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Sat Jan 13 01:22:09 EET 2018

#6917: Seeking in AVI file with mp3 audio throws errors during decoding.
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Comment (by heleppkes):

 Parsers in FFmpeg are generally designed to never throw data away. So if a
 partial packet is received without its header (because of bad packeting in
 the source file, for example), the parser will not discard it, but just
 forward it to the decoder - which will then error due to the missing

 Demuxers generally do not perform validity checks of the packet data due
 to sheer volume of possible codecs in any given container format (some
 exceptions apply).

 This sounds like the expected behavior in the design of the interaction
 between demuxers, parsers and decoders to me. One of the components would
 have to indicate an error of some sort when it discards data, and in this
 case it happens to be the decoder.

 One option is that seeking should hit a better point, but as mentioned
 above demuxers generally cannot analyze packet content but have to rely on
 container metadata, and if the AVI has index entries in inopportune

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