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#7155: Add option to stop writing at position relative to EOF
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Comment (by withmorten):

 Hi clone206,

 I ran into a similar problem this week when I wanted to cut off one second
 of silence at the end of some files which I had added earlier (with

 It wasn't too hard to implement and can probably be improved on sanity
 check-wise, but it works for my purposes and can probably be used as a
 good starting point for properly implementing this by somebody who knows
 how ffmpeg is supposed to work:


 Diffed against ffmpeg 3.4.2.

 It only works as input option (duration seemed to be unknown in
 open_output_file), so you'll have to use it like:

 ffmpeg -toeof -00:00:00.9 -i input.flac output.flac

 It basically makes the input file shorter by whatever amount you tell it.

 Not entirely sure why this would be impossible to implement ...?

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