[FFmpeg-trac] #7243(undetermined:closed): Supplying redudant arguments changes actual ouput response

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Thu Jun 7 23:18:05 EEST 2018

#7243: Supplying redudant arguments changes actual ouput response
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Comment (by joblow):

 There is absolutely no way you can make sense when you say it is designed
 that way... if it were it was designed wrong and you cannot justify it
 being wrong by saying it was right.

 A range change by a factor of 1 is NO CHANGE! That is what 1x means, it
 means no change! Now, if it means no change then why the hell is it
 changing the data?!?!

 To stay that it was designed to do that is ignorant. The code to fix it is
 very simple:

 if (rate == 1) return data; else return changeRate(rate, data);

 What you are doing is starting from your conclusion that because the
 filter behaves that way that it was designed right then concluding that
 this it behaves correctly. That is ignorant logic.

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