[FFmpeg-trac] #7274(undetermined:new): ffmpeg ignores padding when decoding DTS-HD MA stream in DTSHD container

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Sun Jun 24 00:16:17 EEST 2018

#7274: ffmpeg ignores padding when decoding DTS-HD MA stream in DTSHD container
             Reporter:  Rollinnn     |                     Type:  defect
               Status:  new          |                 Priority:  normal
            Component:               |                  Version:  git-
  undetermined                       |  master
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 Summary of the bug:
 I took wav file 24 bit 96 kHz, encoded it to DTS-HD MA in DTSHD container
 using DTS-HD Master Audio Suite encoder.
 Then i re-encoded my *.dtshd file to flac using ffmpeg.
 Then i did binary comparison (i used foobar2000 with plugin
 foo_bitcompare, but probably there exist other tools for this) of
 resulting flac against source wav and found that resulted flac is
 offsetted by 2048 samples.
 If i use dcadec (https://github.com/foo86/dcadec/releases) to decode
 *.dtshd file to wav, then resulted wav is bit-identical with source wav.
 If i use dcadec with option -S (Don't strip padding samples for streams
 within DTS-HD container), then resulted wav is also offsetted by 2048
 samples. So it seems that ffmpeg just ignores padding for DTS-HD MA stream
 in DTSHD container.
 Attached zip archive contains source wav file and dtshd file.

 How to reproduce:
 ffmpeg -i C:\0000000000000\DTSENC.dtshd C:\0000000000000\DTSENC.flac
 ffmpeg version N-91330-ga990184007 Copyright (c) 2000-2018 the FFmpeg
   built with gcc 7.3.0 (GCC)
   configuration: --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --enable-sdl2 --enable-
 bzlib --enable-fontconfig --enable-gnutls --enable-iconv --enable-libass
 --enable-libbluray --enable-libfreetype --enable-libmp3lame --enable-
 libopencore-amrnb --enable-libopencore-amrwb --enable-libopenjpeg
 --enable-libopus --enable-libshine --enable-libsnappy --enable-libsoxr
 --enable-libtheora --enable-libtwolame --enable-libvpx --enable-libwavpack
 --enable-libwebp --enable-libx264 --enable-libx265 --enable-libxml2
 --enable-libzimg --enable-lzma --enable-zlib --enable-gmp --enable-
 libvidstab --enable-libvorbis --enable-libvo-amrwbenc --enable-libmysofa
 --enable-libspeex --enable-libxvid --enable-libaom --enable-libmfx
 --enable-amf --enable-ffnvcodec --enable-cuvid --enable-d3d11va --enable-
 nvenc --enable-nvdec --enable-dxva2 --enable-avisynth
   libavutil      56. 18.102 / 56. 18.102
   libavcodec     58. 20.103 / 58. 20.103
   libavformat    58. 17.100 / 58. 17.100
   libavdevice    58.  4.101 / 58.  4.101
   libavfilter     7. 25.100 /  7. 25.100
   libswscale      5.  2.100 /  5.  2.100
   libswresample   3.  2.100 /  3.  2.100
   libpostproc    55.  2.100 / 55.  2.100
 Input #0, dtshd, from 'C:\0000000000000\DTSENC.dtshd':
     fileinfo        :
   Duration: 00:00:00.77, bitrate: 3909 kb/s
     Stream #0:0: Audio: dts (DTS-HD MA), 96000 Hz, stereo, s32p (24 bit)
 Stream mapping:
   Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (dts (dca) -> flac (native))
 Press [q] to stop, [?] for help
 Output #0, flac, to 'C:\0000000000000\DTSENC.flac':
     fileinfo        :
     encoder         : Lavf58.17.100
     Stream #0:0: Audio: flac, 96000 Hz, stereo, s32 (24 bit), 128 kb/s
       encoder         : Lavc58.20.103 flac
 size=     307kB time=00:00:00.76 bitrate=3276.5kbits/s speed=27.4x
 video:0kB audio:299kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB
 muxing overhead: 2.711299%

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